Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans have become more popular in recent years.  With the increased use of outdoor cooking areas, pergolas, porches, and large decks,  homeowners have wanted fans to help cool the warmest areas.

Fan companies have responded by making many styles of outdoor ceiling fans to complement those locations.   They now provide ratings such as wet-rated or damp-rated that guide you in placement.   Using these ratings, you can buy the correct type of ceiling fan for your situation.  These photos show a leaf-shaped fan that we hung under a deck above a tiled sitting area.  We made a cool oasis for even the hottest days.

Anytime you put electrical power outside, you have to be careful.  This is because water can get into the wiring and shock someone.  All outdoor ceiling fans should be on GFCI-protected circuits which shut off the power immediately if a problem develops.  Also, the supporting structure needs to be strong enough to hold the fan in a strong wind.  The junction box where the wires are connected must be a weatherproof box to keep out all types of moisture.   Finally, you have to consider how the wires will be run.  They can be in metal conduit or a plastic raceway or completely hidden behind the fascia.  It can be done any way you desire, but it needs to be both attractive and secure.

Ceiling Fan on Porch

Another issue is to make sure the fan is high enough so that people won’t get hit by whirling blades.  There are code requirements that provide minimum heights for mounting.  Considering all these concerns, it makes sense to have a professional electrician hang your outdoor ceiling fans.  You want to be sure it is done right the first time and that no one gets hurt.   A falling or sparking fan could really ruin an otherwise relaxing time with your guests.

Get Help with Outdoor Ceiling Fans

If you are planning on adding any outdoor electrical conveniences, contact us.   We’ll be glad to provide a free estimate before the job, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work.

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