Decorative Outdoor Lamp Posts

Many homes, neighborhoods, and apartment complexes have decorative outdoor lamp posts.  They range from the very simple and economical to the very elegant and expensive.  These lights have been popular because they add style and dress up a residence, as well as adding convenience and safety during darker months.  The right lighting can give a warm, romantic feel to a property.  It definitely adds to curb appeal and can even increase a property’s value.
Sometimes there are several placed along a street or driveway, and sometimes there is just one in the yard.   The normal way to install them for many years was to bury underground wiring that came up at light locations.  However, now you can buy solar models that operate fine without any in-ground wiring.   Because they are top-heavy, most post-style light fixtures must be put into a hole to secure them from falling.

Switching for Outdoor Lamp Posts

Outdoor lamp posts can also be switched on and off in several ways.  They can be turned on and off with a standard wall switch in the home.  Other models operate with a photocell switch which comes on automatically at dusk and turns off at dawn.   Also, there are other models that come on when they detect motion within a certain distance.   Some lights come with a combination of these conveniences, such as photocells and motion detection.

If you are planning to add this type of light fixture, you’ll see that many styles and finishes are available.  You can easily find one that will complement your home or business.  Just be sure to verify it has the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) rating of “Suitable for Wet Locations.”   

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