Adding Circuits to a Garage

Customers periodically ask about adding circuits to a garage or adding more power outlets to an outbuilding.  This is an example of a typical request that we receive and take care of.   

“Looking to get electricity out in my garage to power a garage door opener and a couple of outlets for tools.  Conduit exists between my basement, under my driveway, and out into the garage.” 

Yes, we do offer that kind of service, and we have the equipment to handle any special situations.  Maybe you have no service, or maybe you have minimal service.  Either way, we can improve the situation for you. 

Underground Wiring

In this case, the homeowner already has an existing conduit from the basement to the garage.  That pipeline should make the job of adding circuits to a garage a lot easier than it would be without conduit.  However, we still have to be sure the conduit isn’t broken or plugged so we can get new wires through it.

If the conduit wasn’t in place, we could install it in for you, or we could just bury a specialized cable.  Direct-bury UF-B (underground feeder) cable is designed for service without any additional outer protection.    The digging or trenching depends on the owner’s desire and the type of soil.   Heavy clay or very rocky soil can present problems to consider.

Adding a Sub-panel

When we get the wiring in the outbuilding, we would install a sub-panel.  That is a service panel similar to your main panel, but smaller.   Sub-panels normally have fewer breakers because they only handle a few circuits.  In this case, probably just an overhead circuit for lights and garage door openers, and a wall circuit for outlets.   Easy stuff!

If you are interested in adding circuits to a garage or other outbuilding, contact us for a free estimate.    Whether you need trenching, conduit, or any other special setup, we can do it for you.  We guarantee satisfaction with every job.    Thousands of satisfied customers know we provide excellent work at reasonable prices.   You can’t beat that!

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