Upgrading Service from 60 Amps

A recent request came in from a customer about upgrading service.

“We have a 1964 home with 60 amp service. We would like to replace the 60 amp service with a 200 amp service. Can we get a quote?”

Since this is a common question we get, here is some information about upgrading service.  The first thing to know is to always contact a licensed electrician.  This is not a homeowner-level of work.  Most people upgrade because they need more power as they add more appliances.  Others need it due to expansion or home improvements.

External considerations

The first thing we’ll do is contact the power company to disconnect their wires from the street at the pole or transformer.  You probably have a small supply wire coming in for 60 amp service.  They will replace it with a larger one (for 200 amp service) when they reconnect the power.

The power company owns the wiring from the street to your house and they own the power meter.   You own the enclosure (meter socket) that holds it and the wiring around it.  You will have to replace the existing smaller meter socket with a larger one that is rated for 200 amps.  We will also make sure that you have adequate grounding rods installed for the upgraded service.

Internal considerations

Inside the home, we will replace the old service panel and install new breakers that safely match the wiring size.  We’ll make sure and that all wiring coming into the box has an appropriate protective collar and that connections are tight.  This is a good time to add new circuits, including dedicated circuits for some appliances, and to upgrade old wiring that needs it.  There might not be a need to replace the existing wiring in the house.  That will depend on its current condition and we can tell you that when we provide our free quote.

Since the 1975s, Frye Electric has been a trusted electrical contractor.  We are experts at what we do, always following state and local building codes.    Thousands of satisfied customers know you can count on us.

Contact us today and let us give you a free quote on upgrading service or any other electrical work you need to be done.  We have the best prices and a reliable guarantee for all our work.   Our great team looks forward to meeting all your electrical needs.

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