Upgrade Bathroom Exhaust Fans

There are kits available today in home stores that allow you to upgrade noisy or failed bathroom exhaust fans in about 15 minutes.   If your bathroom stays moist and doesn’t dry out after a hot shower, or if the fan blades just make too much noise for you to hear your own beautiful singing, consider getting a kit like this one and upgrading it yourself.

The kits are very easy to use as long as you get the right kit to replace your existing fan. Since they are designed to fit into the same housing in the ceiling there is no need to climb into the attic and get dirty doing the work.

Start by turning off the breaker to the fan, then get on a ladder so you can reach your plastic fan cover and remove it. These covers usually come off by pulling down on one side and then the other.  You may have to squeeze the metal spring clips to get it all the way off, or you may have to press in on the plastic so the little locking tabs release, but the cover should come off with just a little ingenuity and effort.

Look inside the metal housing to find the manufacturer and the model number.  You might need a flashlight but it should be visible either stamped into the metal housing or it might be pasted on with a paper label.  Nutone and Broan are names of common fan manufacturers and their model numbers are often 3 numbers and may contain a letter or 2 (for example 663NB or 655.)    When you have the model information, measure the size of the fan opening and write that down along with the manufacturer’s name and model number.

Now you can go to a home store, or go online, to search for an upgrade kit that matches your particular model.    When you find it,  confirm that the kit you are looking at was made for the same size as the opening you have.   If your opening doesn’t match, you probably don’t have the right kit and you need to ask a salesperson for help.  You don’t want to bring the wrong one home.

When you open the kit,  read the installation instructions (this goes for men, too.)  The basic steps are to unplug and remove the fan unit, then plug in the new one and secure it, then put the cover back on.   It should be an easy task for almost all homeowners who can stand on a short ladder.   Finally, turn the breaker back on and try the power switch on the wall.  You should have a quiet and powerful fan running like new!

If your upgrade bathroom exhaust fan project includes a larger fan or one with more features than the original fan, Frye Electric can help with that.  Or, if you’d like us to do this upgrade for you, just give us a call.   We’ll be glad to install your new fan and modify the wiring as needed.

For over 50 years, Frye Electric has been a trusted local business.  We’ll make sure the work is done professionally, safely, and efficiently.  Call us today!

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