Reaching Vaulted Ceilings

We recently heard a man comment that his wife loves their vaulted ceiling, and had to have it in their new home.  He also pointed out that since she isn’t the one who has to climb up on the ladder to change light bulbs or clean the ceiling fan, she didn’t appreciate the ongoing difficulty associated with maintaining the fixtures up there. 

He was concerned that now as he is getting older, it is getting harder for him to drag on the big ladder and climb up that high.  From our perspective, it also isn’t as safe as it used to be for him as it was when he was a younger man.   We are all getting older every day and a fall can be a lot harder to recover from than it used to be, and it's especially dangerous for a senior citizen.

If you have vaulted ceilings, or a chandelier that is mounted above a stairway, or even security lights attached to the eaves of your home or outbuildings, we can do the maintenance on them for you and save you the trouble and the risk of a bad injury.  We have long ladders, professional electricians, and all the special tools that might be needed for the job.

And as long as you are replacing a bulb, this would be a great time to switch from incandescent to CFL or LED bulbs, which last much longer.  Depending on your usage, you might get 20 years of life or more from an LED bulb, so this might be the last time you need to change them.  Also, if you have a chandelier with a lot of bulbs in it, changing to LED can cut the monthly utility cost of them.

So if you have a vaulted ceiling with fans or lights that are difficult to reach, just contact us for a service call.  We can come out and change multiple bulbs in one trip so that you are sure they will keep working.    

With over 50 years of service in the Indianapolis area, we have thousands of satisfied customers who always call us for their electrical work.   Get in touch with us and you’ll quickly see why we have such a great reputation for both residential and commercial electrical services.

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