Create Your Own Smart Home

Lots of people have “smartphones” now, but I wonder how many have “smart homes.”  Here are a few simple and economical ideas for you to consider that will make your house more convenient and secure for you without breaking the bank buying premium technology.

Automated stairway lighting – add a motion detector switch at the top and bottom of your stairs (both indoor and outdoor are available) so that when someone gets to the stairs, they are already lighted.  This is an especially good safety feature for children and seniors who might forget to turn on the light.

Programmable thermostat – update your older control to a standard programmable model, a wi-fi programmable model that you control remotely from your phone, or even to the newest models which “learn” your family patterns and create their own schedule.  All of these options will save on your energy bill along with the convenience they provide.

Video doorbell – want to see who is at the door before you answer it?  Vtech has added a video camera to the doorbell which sends a photo to your phone of whoever pushed the button.  You can see it here.

Smart TV – want to get some of that internet content on your TV?  Just add a wi-fi connection and you can get streaming movies, music channels, or anything else that’s out on the world wide web.

Security cameras – see what is happening at your home from any location on your phone.  Whether you are at a restaurant or on vacation, you can quickly see if everything is OK.  Some models will send you to pre-set alert messages.

Remote light activation – Modules can be purchased that will allow you to turn lights on or off from your phone so that bad guys will think someone is home.

If you want to create your own smart home, there are hundreds of ways to do it.  We hope these few ideas got you started thinking.   Remember that Frye Electric is always available to help with electrical connections or switches or generators.

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