Add Value to a House with Electrical Improvements

Thinking about selling your home in the future?  You can add value to a house with electrical improvements, and make the house more likely to move with a quick sale.

Start to make it more attractive now and enjoy the upgrades for a while, then see the results you get.  Here are a few of the best ideas to consider to get noticed as better than all the other homes on the market.

Add Ceiling Fans:  Ceiling fans are a desirable addition in any home because they add convenience and comfort everywhere.  They provide air circulation which is healthy and comfortable, and which also helps to keep utility costs down.  Buyers like to see the fans already installed because they don’t have to go to the trouble of adding them after the purchase.  Adding nice looking ceiling fans to bedrooms and to rooms where people gather adds immediate value and attractiveness to a home.

Add Energy Saving Appliances:  The high cost of energy affects all of us and it looks like it will continue to rise.  One way to reduce the cost is to get the most efficient appliances available, such as Energy Star® rated appliances. They are specifically designed to cut energy usage, so when a prospective buyer sees them and realizes their cost will be rolled into the mortgage, that is a very attractive feature.

Simply switching to Energy Star® rated appliances can save on average 30% of your annual energy bills, and can use 10–50% less water than standard models.  The expected savings on water, sewer, and utility bills will make a buyer value that aspect of your home above other homes.

Add Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI):   Ground fault circuit interrupters are used in homes wherever water is near, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, basements, and around the deck or porch.   If your home does not have them, it isn’t as safe as it should be and is not up to code.   It doesn’t cost much to add a few of them to the appropriate circuits, so this is really one task to do for your own safety now as well as for the new owners later.  

Add a Wireless Switch Kit:   If you have a room where the light switch just isn’t convenient enough, or where you wish you had a second switch, you can add a wireless switch.    These switches are a great way to control a hall light or a stairway light, or a ceiling fan.  Instead of having to cut into the walls and run wiring, this type of switch uses a built-in radio to handle the switching.   Adding such a kit gives you the convenience of a three-way switch without the time and expense of wiring.

So there are 4 good ideas for you.   If you want to add value to a house, these electrical improvements will make the house more appealing to prospective buyers.

Isn’t it worth a small investment to get it sold faster?   I’m sure you’ll be glad when you sign those papers at closing!

If you need any help, give us a call. We’d be glad to give you our expert advice!

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