Whole House Surge Protector

Many people use individual surge protectors for TVs and computers instead of a whole house surge protector.  These are OK for protecting each device, but unless you have a lot of them, you aren’t protecting all your appliances.   A better and safer solution is to have a whole house surge protector unit installed in your electrical panel because it provides protection for every electrical circuit throughout the house at the same time.

We will install a whole house suppression system for only $375. 

This includes protection at the service panel plus 2 power strips for extra protection and convenience.  Many homeowner insurance policies have a $1,000 deductible, so it makes good sense to protect all your electronics for $375 instead of paying the $1,000 to replace them if they get destroyed.   Some insurance companies may offer a premium reduction when the whole house surge protector is installed.

We can do this at this price if your existing service panel is of adequate size and if there is remaining space available to do the installation.  If space is an issue, we’ll provide a customized price for your situation so that you still get the protection.

Contact us through our on-line service request and we’ll get right to work.    Schedule it today before the April-May storm season gets here!

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