Baseboard Heaters vs. Portable Space Heaters

Are Baseboard Heaters Safe?

Which do you think is safer – an electric baseboard heater or an electric space heater?  Too often we hear of fires started by a space heater and we see frequent warnings every year about the potential danger of using them.   Baseboard heaters are generally safe and have low fire danger.  If you routinely use a portable space heater to heat an area, you should consider whether changing to a wall-mounted baseboard heater might provide increased safety and ease of use for your situation. 

Why You Should Consider a Baseboard Heater Over a Space Heater

​Baseboard heaters come with built-in covers to keep children and pets away from the hottest areas although they will still feel warm to the touch.  The covers can be painted to match the walls making them inconspicuous, or you can add decorative custom covers to make them stand out.   Also, there is no flame or carbon monoxide generated and they can’t tip over because they are attached to the wall.  Baseboard heaters require little space, are energy efficient, and are not noisy like a space heater because there is no fan.  Many homeowners like the way that baseboard heat comes out silently and evenly, instead of hearing the fan turning on and off periodically.

Most electric baseboard heaters range from 500 watts to 2000 watts in power and run on either 120 or 240-volt circuits.   Some of them simply plug into an existing outlet while others require hard-wiring into a circuit.   No ducting is required so they are often a good solution for an older home where adding ducting would be problematic.

Their best use is as a supplemental heat source for a particular area that isn’t as warm as you’d like.   They are often installed underneath windows so that the warmed air rises to offset the cool air coming down from the window glass.   Baseboard heaters can be controlled by timers or thermostats so they don’t run all the time.

Call Now for Wall Mounted Baseboard Heater Installation in the Indianapolis Area

Baseboard heat can be an effective and affordable solution and can reduce the risk of fire or injury from using portable space heaters.   If you would like more information about this or any other electrical topic, please contact us. Frye Electric has been in business for over 50 years, and we guarantee our service!

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