Energy Monitors Can Save You Money

Energy monitors are designed to measure and report the amount of energy that is being used.  Since we don’t get a breakdown on our electrical bill, we have no way to know how much it costs to operate each appliance.  If your bill has been getting too high, and you want more detailed information, these monitors can be a handy way to discover waste and reduce your monthly electric bill.

 The devices are marketed under many different names and come in different levels of sophistication, but they perform the same function.  They can either monitor the total usage at the electrical panel (or electric meter), or they can measure a single appliance at the wall plug outlet.    Since energy cost is a large factor in each family’s budget, it is worth considering a purchase. 

 There is also a wide range of choices and prices for these monitors, from about $20 for a single, handheld plug-in model up to hundreds of dollars for a pc-based model.  Here is an image of a sample handheld model to give you an idea of what they look like.    

If you do some research on these devices but still have questions, you can call (317) 659-6899 to ask the experts at Frye Electric.  We are always available to give advice or suggestions about your electrical concerns. 

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