Lights for Safety

Alarm systems have been providing peace of mind for homeowners wishing to protect their families and homes from intrusion, but adding lights for safety is a good improvement. Not only can it help create safe conditions indoors, but lighting can also help ward off potential intruders lurking outdoors. Here are some ways you can use lights to help protect your family and your property.

Out of Sight, Out of Reach

Safety lighting needs to be strategically placed to be a benefit. If your fixtures are positioned low, a potential intruder may be able to unscrew the bulbs, rendering the lighting useless. While it may be tempting to position fixtures for easy bulb changing, you should place them out of reach to avoid tampering.

Also, consider placing fixtures in locations with cover. An intruder may have checked out your home prior to intrusion during the day, noting where outdoor fixtures are. By disguising fixtures, the intruder may not have spotted them. Motion sensors can help make these fixtures an unexpected surprise. Outdoor lighting can blend in with your landscaping for additional cover.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are a great tool to enhance safety. A motion sensor is triggered by movement, whether it be you walking out to the car after dark, or a potential intruder sneaking up to the house. Once triggered, the motion sensor activates the light, turning it on. This not only exposes the potential threat but startles them. Unwelcome intruders don’t want a spotlight on their activities; motion sensors can help deter criminal activity.

A motion sensor can provide extra lighting for your safety not only in the case of crime. These lights can make your walkway move visible when coming home after dark, allowing you to see the path clearly. Prevent accidents by upgrading your outdoor lighting with motion sensors.


There will be days when you’re out of town or don’t get home until late. Or, you may forget to turn on the porch lights at night. Timers can control your indoor and outdoor lights for your protection.

Avoid human error by installing timers for your porch, patio, and walkway lights. By setting your timer, you can choose when your lights come on. But, beware of the “Home Alone” effect; a potential intruder monitoring your home may catch on if your lights come on at the same time each day. Remember to adjust your lights seasonally for changing daylight hours.

Timers for indoor lighting are often recommended to create the look of someone being home, even when you’re not. If you’ll be out of town and your home unattended, use timers to turn indoor lights on and off. Depending on the features of the equipment you choose, your timer can turn on your lights in the evening, and turn them off at “bedtime.” Set living area lights to turn off before bedroom lights, creating the look of movement throughout your home. Timers can even be used on televisions to provide additional movement and activity.

Are you ready to give your lighting a safety makeover? Call Frye Electric. We’ve been helping residents across the Indianapolis area enhance their home’s security with lighting upgrades.

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