Prevent Power Outages

  • Frye Tip #1: If you have limited outlets in your home, unplug what you are not using.
  • Frye Tip #2: Spread out your electric heaters, hair dryer and other power cords to different outlets.
  • Frye Tip #3: Do not dry your hair in the same circuit you have your space heater plugged into!
  • Frye Tip #4: Check for any loose connections in your home. If you have an old outlet, you may find that a plug is loose in the connection when you plug it in. You may notice sparking when you plug something into that outlet. If this happens, the outlet needs to be removed immediately and a new one needs to be installed.

Contact or call Frye Electric at 317-659-6899 to assist you with any other questions or tips to ensure outlets in your home are safe.