Pendant Lighting for Your Home

Pendant lighting is a stylish addition for any layered lighting plan. With a variety of styles and shades to choose from, pendant lights are one of the most versatile lighting options and can fit with any décor. They provide direct lighting for specific spaces, providing additional coverage for your lighting needs. When planning pendant lighting for your home, keep these pointers in mind.

Placement for pendant lighting

Pendant lighting can be used anywhere in the home to provide direct light and visual appeal. They are often seen in kitchens to light workspaces and dining areas but are being utilized more and more in other rooms. Pendant lighting can take the place of other fixtures, adding a modern and easily changeable look. Pendants are used in foyers instead of chandelier fixtures and can be spaced to light your staircase. They can replace bedside lamps in the bedroom, and sconces in bathrooms. Pendant lighting is perfect for a dark corner or reading nook and can eliminate your need to use strong overhead lighting for just these areas.

Decide the function of your new pendant lighting; are you looking to accent areas or provide direct lighting for frequently used spaces? This will help you determine how many pendant fixtures you’ll want. Lighting a foyer can be a big job, so you may choose to install multiple pendants. If you’re accenting a space, you may choose just one fixture. Consider the height of your ceiling when determining the length of your new pendant lights; keeping the fixtures closer to the ceiling will give broader coverage, while lowering them provides more direct, focused lighting.

Choosing shades for pendant lighting

When choosing shades for your pendant lighting, consider the room you’ll be adding the fixtures to. Look at the size of the room, ceiling height, and the areas you want to light with your pendants, which will help you determine the size and style of shades you will need, as well as the length of your pendants. Also, think about the role you’d like your pendants to play, whether you’d like them to be a focal point, or if you’d like them to appear more subtle. Decide on the number of fixtures you’ll be adding and scale the size of the shades to the size of the area you’re lighting; for instance, an island may require a bigger pendant shade for adequate lighting if just one or two pendants will be added, but smaller shades could work well if you’ll be adding multiple pendants.

The style of shades you choose will also affect the space’s lighting. With so many options available in different styles, this can be a tough choice. Opaque and transparent shades allow light to shine throughout the room. Shades made out of metal, porcelain, or thicker art glass will direct the light downward to one focused area. Or, you can direct light upward using shades with open tops. Whichever shade you choose, there is sure to be a variety of decorative options available.

Frye Electric can help you design the perfect pendant lighting addition for your home. Our experts will provide guidance to help you choose the fixtures and shades which will achieve your desired look, and provide quality installation so you can enjoy the beauty and function they provide. Contact us today with your pendant lighting questions.

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