Outdoor Lighting for Your Walkways

As you plan your landscaping and outdoor needs this spring, keep lighting in mind. Outdoor lighting makes walkways and spaces safer so you can enjoy the outdoors even after dark. Light the way for your family and guests, and keep everyone safe.

Outdoor lighting for pathways

Dark pathways on your property are a danger. Broken paving stones, uneven ground, even children’s toys left out after dark can lead to accidents. Outdoor lighting allows your family and your guests to see where they are going at night and make their way safely. Path lights can be installed at the edges of your walkway to illuminate the area after dark. There are a variety of options available; pick outdoor lighting fixtures that blend in with your landscaping or accentuate your look.

Outdoor lighting for steps and stairs

After dark, steps and stairs may be harder to judge, especially for guests who aren’t familiar with your home. Lighting the steps leading up to your entryway out on your deck can help prevent falls after dark. Outdoor lighting can be built into your steps; add outdoor lighting to the stair risers, along the edges of stairs, and even under the railings. Lighting under the railing can make these safety features known to those who need it.

Outdoor lighting for driveways

Driveway lights are great for helping people find your home and stay on track. If your driveway is hard to spot or your home is set back off the road, light fixtures near the road can provide a landmark for guests to find you. Installing pathway lights along the driveway can keep drivers on track and alert them of fixtures near the path to steer clear of, such as special landscaping or uneven ground.

Enhance the safety of your property with outdoor lighting this spring. Keep your family and guests safe while entertaining all summer long. Frye Electric is available to design a custom outdoor lighting plan for your home and install fixtures to light your property and pathways. Call us today to learn more.

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