Nursery Lighting Tips

Is there a little one on the way – or at least on your mind? Are your thoughts racing as the time grows shorter? Do you still have to paint and fix up the room? And then you have to shop for “just the right” decorations to make it perfect!

But what about the lighting? Have you ever thought about that? Yikes!

Hold on — don’t panic. Here are some helpful tips to consider as you make plans.

Use Baby-Soft LightingWall mounted lamp

Baby eyes don’t like bright lights at first, so start with some indirect lighting. Sconces, table lamps, and decorative rope lights are all good for this. Use low wattage bulbs so you can leave the light on for when you peek in, but Baby can still rest with the low light level.

Night lights should be soft, but use several so you have enough illumination to clearly see that everything is all right at 2 AM (and 3 AM, and 4 AM, etc.) New LED models are smart choices but there are many animal and cartoon character styles available.

Layer with Multiple Lights

A single centrally-located ceiling light is not the best choice for a nursery. You will want multiple lights in the room for layering and for task lighting. One layer is the indirect lights discussed above, and another will be direct lights over the crib and/or changing table. You need good task lighting for those times you need to look closely at a skin rash, a thermometer, or anything else that concerns baby safety and health.

One good option is a movable or swing arm, a wall-mounted lamp that can reach several places. Mount it in the center, and you can just swing it back and forth as needed.

You should also add a layer for the floor or table lamp near the rocking chair, necessary for reading storybooks. Be sure that whatever type you use is solid and stable, so that a crawling baby can’t pull it over on themselves. Baby will be moving around before you know it.

Another good option is to replace that single ceiling fixture with a combination ceiling fan-light fixture and to control it with a dimmer switch. This gives you another layer of light, and there will be many times when having a fan in Baby’s room is a merciful addition for you.

Windows and Sunshine

Finally, think about how much sun will come in the windows, based on which direction they face. If the windows are not shaded by trees, consider adding window blinds or curtains to control the glare. Baby needs to enjoy some sun, but not so much that it overheats the room.

Planning for the Baby and buying things for the nursery is a magical time for a family, so don’t let the stress get to you. Just do a little planning before you start buying.

If you need outlets added, or light fixtures moved, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help, and we like to see pictures of Babies, too.

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