Nifty Wall Plugs Add Convenience and Safety

Outlets and Adapter Designs are ChangingChild Safe Swivel

It seems like new creative designs for a nifty wall plug and electrical outlets are popping up every day. Since many of them add both safety and convenience, we are showing a few of them this week for your consideration.

Designed for Safety

One area that has always been a great concern to Moms, is thinking about Baby playing with an electrical outlet or a lamp cord and getting electrocuted. There is no perfect way to avoid this because Baby will eventually figure out a way to remove any safeguard Mom puts there, but one example to make that a little less dangerous is a swivel adapter. When Baby crawls along and bumps into the lamp cord, the swivel adapter will allow the cord to move, and Baby might not pay it any more attention. Or, if Baby decides to pull on the cord, the movement might allow the plug to stay in the outlet.

Another safety issue is the overloading of outlets and cords sticking straight out from the wall, especially in hard to reach areas, such as behind a couch, a bed or an entertainment center. A good example of a new design for this is the double swivel outlet. This allows for safely powering up to six items, and for the cords to be run along the wall.Dual Swivel Outlet

Designed for Convenience

With the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets, a large number of people use a USB device of some kind for charging their devices. Manufacturers have incorporated that capability into new outlet designs for convenience. Here are a few examples of those designs. This combination outlet allows you to plug in either a 110v cord or a USB cord. This would be perfect for a location where you want to have a charging station, like near a hallway table. It would also be good near a computer desk or near the sofa where you use your mobile devices for continuous charging.

The outlet to the right is simply a bank of four USB outlets which allows for concentrated or heavy use, but it does not include either a standard 2- or 3-prong receptacle. This might be convenient for a multi-desk office environment, for a charging station, or for a kitchen countertop where it could be easily used by several people at once.

We are ready to help!Bank USB

These are only a few examples, but as you can see there are many new nifty wall plugs available. Some of them simply plug into existing outlets and others need to be installed as a replacement.

If you decide to change or add an outlet, let us give you our expert advice on it by giving us a call at (317) 659-6899 or sending an email. Our experienced Indianapolis electricians can perform the services you need to complete your project. Frye Electric Inc is your local Avon, IN electrical contractor, and we’ve been serving Indianapolis and the surrounding area for over 35 years.

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