Lighted Drives and Pathways

As we see more and more darkness creeping into our lives with each shorter day, this is a great reminder to think about adding light to drives and pathways. Make sure your guests can see the boundaries to your driveway and sidewalks after darkness falls. This is especially helpful for senior citizens who may not see as well in the dark as they used to.

Outline lighting for driveways

We have LED rope lights that can be placed as an outline along a driveway or parking area to clearly mark the edges for drivers. This lighting uses very little energy and really brightens up the area, regardless of whether you choose white or bright colors. These lights can be mounted low, such as placed directly on the ground, or mounted higher, such as attached to a fence.

When used along with a few area lights, the lighted outline adds clarity to the borders so that no one accidentally drives off course into the yard or garden. Light the way for your family and guests, and keep everyone safe.

Outdoor lighting for pathways and steps

Dark pathways or steps on your property are also a danger and should be lighted. If there are drop-offs, cracks in the concrete, uneven ground, or even children’s toys left in the way, your guests might not see them and suffer a fall or a twisted ankle. We offer motion-detector spotlights that come on automatically, dusk to dawn lights that remain on during darkness, and switched lighting that only works when you want it to.

Sidewalks are also good candidates for LED rope lighting, just like driveways. Individual path lights can also be installed about 6 feet apart to create circles of light that follow the walkway to your home. Outdoor lights can be built into the risers on steps or stairs or added to the handrails to improve visibility. There are many options available so that you can pick outdoor lighting fixtures that blend in with your landscaping or accentuate your unique look in many different styles and finishes.

Give us a Call

Consider upgrading your safety lighting before winter really sets in. Keep your family and guests safe when they show up for those wonderful family events. We can develop a customized outdoor lighting plan for your home and install it with no stress or worry on your part. Contact us today to learn more.

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