Fall Lighting Projects For Your Home

Now that the kids are back in school, its time to tackle those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off all summer. Fall lighting projects can play a huge role in the look and feel of your home. Do you need a lighting makeover? Here are some popular lighting projects which can change or improve the mood of your rooms:

Update your fixtures: The light fixtures in your home are critical features when decorating. A fixture can really enhance the decorating scheme in a room. Are your lighting fixtures not speaking to the mood you’re trying to convey? Is there something “off” about a certain room in your home? The fix can be as simple as upgrading your lighting fixtures!

From modern to traditional, there are fixtures available to fit your tastes, whatever they may be. Consider a new lighting fixture to create a focal point in a room. An artistic piece or chandeliers work very well in this role and can be a valuable complement to your decorating scheme. Also, consider adding additional fixtures, such as wall sconces, which can be used as a complement to the main fixture, or to add lighting in a dark corner or by a favorite seating spot.

Install a dimmer switch: Another feature to create ambiance within a room is a dimmer switch. A dimmer switch gives you the ability to adjust the lighting in a room, as well as help you save energy by increasing the longevity of the light bulb. Turn down the dimmer in your family room to enjoy a movie, or turn it up for the family game night. Dimmer switches are great for any room in your home; consider the uses for dimmers in bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets as well.

Light up your kitchen space: Under-cabinet lighting not only brings attention to kitchen features, but it’s also functional, too! In some homes, the space under the cabinets isn’t very well-lit. This can be dangerous to the cook in your home! Under-cabinet lighting will ensure your cooking space is well-lit and help you avoid kitchen accidents, not to mention making recipe cards and cookbooks easier to see.

Beautiful cabinets shouldn’t be left in the dark; light them up! Recessed lighting not only gives you more light to work within the kitchen, it can also draw attention to custom cabinetry. If you have glass door cabinets in your kitchen, you might consider adding lighting inside to display china or other important pieces.

Add recessed lighting: Want to improve the look and functionality of a space? Try recessed lighting, or what you may have heard referred to as “can lighting.” These fixtures are installed into the ceiling of the room, creating a more spacious feel. Recessed lighting is great for enhancing architectural elements in your home; show off that beautiful stone fireplace, or light the wooden staircase in your foyer.

If you have recessed ceilings, use lighting to draw attention. Recessed lighting fixtures are good solutions for this sort of area because they do not take away from the space like inserting a hanging fixture would. Use recessed lighting to improve the functionality of a dimly-lit area, like an entryway or mudroom.

Fall is approaching, and pretty soon it will be time to prepare your home for holiday gatherings. Tackle your lighting projects now to make sure your home is looking its best-come winter. Ready to get started? Contact Frye Electric; we can help you choose the fixtures right for you, and lighting solutions to enhance the interior of your home.

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