Wall Sconces Add Style to a Home

Stylish Wall Sconces for the Home

Wall Sconces are seen in many upscale homes because they add to the stylish appearance and provide attractive indirect lighting. Existing sconces can be easily replaced at any time for a change in appearance, but if new mounting boxes and wiring are needed, it might be good to include this job with other tasks as part of a home improvement project.

For new wiring, the first step is to decide where you want the extra lighting, and how you’d like the lights to operate. Here are three examples to consider for inspiration.

In the Hallway

If you want to add wall sconces in a hallway, you might want them to illuminate both up and down so that light reflects off the ceiling and the floor, but it doesn’t shine directly into people’s eyes. This is one type of ceramic sconce that might be good for that. You could put motion detector switches in the hall so that the lights go on and off automatically.

In the Dining Room​

If you want to add sconces as an accent to a formal dining room, you might prefer the light to only shine upward. You might consider a more elegant and traditional type of sconce, like this one, or maybe even expensive-looking crystal sconces. With this type of installation a single wall switch might be best, so that you could turn all sconces on independently from the other existing light fixtures.

In the Bedroom

Finally, for the bedroom or bath, where a more subdued and romantic light is desired, you might choose a smaller, less prominent sconce like this one that could be painted to blend in with the wall color. You could use a 25-watt bulb for low lights all the time, or put in a standard bulb and control them with a dimmer switch. That way you could adjust them to different lighting levels that fit the mood.

These are just a few simple ideas to get you thinking. There are thousands of styles of sconces available in a wide range of prices, so you’ll be able to find the one that fits your home perfectly. There are also several different ways to control the lights, and we know how to make all of them work.

If you’d like to add wall sconces to your home, give us a call at (317) 659-6899.

At Frye Electric, we can make it happen for you quickly. We have been your trusted and qualified Indianapolis electrical contractor for over 35 years, and we will continue to provide that same excellent service.

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