Tips to Hide Cords

There are a lot of devices and accessories in your home that plug into electrical outlets. With many cords in every room, they can be unsightly and unsafe. We have some tips to help you hide cords and still enjoy your electrical devices in every room.

Hide TV cords

With flat-screen TVs in many homes, they’re often mounted on the wall to free up space and to maximize viewing. With a wall-mounted flat screen, you may not have an entertainment center to hide cords, like many people used in years past with larger tube-style televisions. To hide cords running to your wall-mounted flat screen, a small hole can be drilled into the drywall to route your cords out of sight, to the power source or connections with other electronic devices like DVD players, gaming systems, and stereos.

Hide lighting cords

Many homeowners wish they had a lighting fixture mounted on a wall, but don’t like the thought of ugly cords being on display. We can always hardwire new fixtures for you. However, if you are just using the fixture temporarily, try to hang it near a window or door. This way, you can attach the cord around the trim, hiding it better than just letting it dangle.

If you have paneling on your walls, you’ll have additional options for hiding cords. Running cords along grooves will help them not stick out so much. You can also even paint an approved cord to match your wall color. Some wall-mounted lighting fixtures may also come with a conduit that matches the finish, which you can run the cord through. If your light kit doesn’t include conduit or you want a longer length, you can likely find this sold separately.

Desk and decorative lamps are often a source of cord hiding frustration. Your furniture can help you out- with back panels, the furniture hides the cord running behind it. Place furniture in front or near outlets if possible to hide your lighting cords. If your cords must extend a bit beyond the furniture to reach the outlet, run the cord along your baseboard to keep them inconspicuous and off the ground.

Hiding cords is not only beneficial for your décor, but also for your safety. Managing cords and keeping them off the ground can prevent falls, as well as keep little ones and pets from playing with them. It also protects the cords from damage. Frye Electric offers a number of services that can help you hide those unsightly cords. We offer flat-screen TV and home theater installation, new fixture installation, and installing additional outlets. Call us today to keep those cords out of sight without sacrificing the use of your electrical devices.

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