Home Theater Setup

If you have movie buffs or gaming enthusiasts in your household, you may be considering a new home theater setup. Home theater equipment and sound systems can improve your viewing and gaming experience. They also can add value to your home. You’ll be installing new equipment and will likely need to wire the space for power and to connect the components. When designing and planning wiring for your upgrades, there are a few key considerations to take into account.

The layout of the room

Whether you’re using a comfy couch or specially-designed home theater seating, decide how you will arrange furniture first. When you’re determining seating location for home theater setup, keep in mind the size and style of television or screen you’ll be using, as well as other large equipment like speakers and stereo systems. Once you’ve established a general layout for your room, you can make decisions on the placement of other components which will optimize your viewing experience.

Television placement

If you plan on mounting a flat panel TV, you’ll want to choose the best location. If possible, avoid placing the TV on a wall where the sun shines directly on it, creating a glare. Choose a location where your television can be centered at eye level. You might want to mount it in a higher spot, like over a fireplace. If so, choose an angled mount so you can tilt the television downward. If you want speakers added, a corner spot may not be ideal. You must decide on these elements before you plan for wiring.

Speaker setup

The number of speakers, as well as their location, must be considered when developing a wiring plan for your home theater. Surround sound includes speakers in multiple locations, so you’ll want to identify where you’d like these placed. Think about if you’d like your speakers mounted in-wall, on-wall, or freestanding, as this will make a difference in your wiring plan.

Video needs

Projectors, gaming systems, and BluRay or DVD players require the appropriate cables to connect with your home theater system. Consider the components you already have and plan ahead for future purchases now to save yourself trouble when it comes time to integrate them.

When you’re ready to design your wiring plan, consult a professional to help you set up your new home theater. Frye Electric can wire your space to accommodate your new home theater equipment. Give us a call today to begin designing a wiring plan to power your gaming or movie-viewing experience.

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