Hide Switches and Outlets in Your Bathrooms and Kitchen

Does the placement of the switches and outlets in your kitchen or bathroom impact the design? In kitchens and bathrooms, outlets and switches are usually in plain sight. Many homeowners wonder what to do about them when planning to install backsplashes and new cabinets, or wonder what can be done to cover them up or integrate them better with the design or decor. Here are some tips that will help you hide switches and outlets in your kitchen and bathrooms without sacrificing utility.

Hide switches and outlets by repositioning them

You can hide above-counter outlets by simply lowering them and flipping them horizontally. The lower position will keep outlets away from decorative elements in a tile backsplash, and allow them to be easily hidden behind countertop appliances. A low, horizontal position will also help you hide kitchen and bathroom cords because your appliances and devices will be plugged in low near the counter’s surface, not halfway up the walls.

Hide switches and outlets out of sight

Did you know it’s possible to have outlets and switches installed hidden from sight? Hide switches and outlets by installing them inside or underneath cabinets or in recessed compartments. Use this approach to supply power to a kitchen island, where a compartment to hide switches and outlets can be integrated with your cabinetry. Outlets can be installed underneath your cabinets to supply power to your countertop appliances without interfering with your backsplash.

Hide switches and outlets by grouping

Many switches and outlets placed all over an area can look distracting, but grouping will help you hide switches and outlets by minimizing their appearance. Group your switches and outlets where you need them most. Have them installed together and use a single switch plate- this reduces the scattered look of outlets and can offer convenience by providing power where you want it.

Hide switches and outlets with camouflage

Don’t want to relocate your switches and outlets? Try blending them in with their surroundings. Switches, outlets, and plate covers come in a variety of colors, not just white. While white may really make them stand out, black or brown hardware will help your switches and outlets blend with your color scheme, cabinets, and countertops.

Whenever electricity is involved, it’s best to call the pros for safe and reliable help. If you want to hide switches and outlets in your kitchen or bathrooms, give us a call. Frye Electric is available to relocate your existing switches and outlets and install new ones where you need them. In living areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways, outlets and switches must be placed and spaced according to national and local electric codes.

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