Have Your Ceiling Fixtures Wired To Switches

Ever move into a new place and have a hard time figuring out why the switches don’t power the overhead lighting fixtures or ceiling fans in the room? You may have even had to play the guessing game of figuring out which wall outlet is controlled by the switch, traveling the room with a lamp to test each one. Don’t worry, it’s not just you.

Many ceiling fixtures are added after the home is wired initially; fans may be added to help circulate air throughout the room, or lighting fixtures may have become a better solution over a floor lamp to illuminate the area. This is especially common in older homes where lamps were the standard for lighting. You can eliminate the hassle of having to stretch to reach those fan and lighting pull switches; Frye Electric can rewire your fixtures to connect with existing switches or install new ceiling fixtures with ease.

Sometimes, the switched outlet just isn’t practical for the layout you desire for the room. You may find yourself at the mercy of that one essential outlet, arranging your furniture around it in order to light your room with the convenience of the switch. Or, if you decided to forgo using the switched outlet, you’ve probably spent plenty of time stumbling through the dark to reach your lamps.

Installing ceiling lighting fixtures can be a better solution for lighting your space. They can offer better lighting coverage over floor or table lamps located around the perimeter of your room, restricted by their wires. Ceiling fixtures also offer permanence, unlike lamps that can be easily knocked over, creating safety hazards within your home. Utilizing ceiling fixtures can free up floor space and allow you to arrange your rooms with ease. When wired to existing or new switches, these fixtures can offer the practicality and convenience you’ve been missing.

Ceiling fans are often equipped with lighting fixtures and variable speeds. A simple on and off switch won’t give you the power to control all your options. By installing a new switch designed to control these fixtures, all of your options will be at your fingertips. For added convenience, your fixtures can be outfitted with remote controls so you can adjust fan speeds and lighting from the comfort of your favorite seat. Dimmer switches can also give you the option to adjust lighting levels; lowering your lights when bright lighting is not needed can cut back on energy waste.

Wiring can be an intimidating task for even the most seasoned homeowners. The knowledgeable electricians at Frye Electric can install your new ceiling fixtures or rewire existing ones to provide the comfort and convenience you’re looking for. We will help you choose the best lighting options to fit your needs and your space, with controls that allow for easy operation. No more jumping to grab the pull switch on your ceiling fans, no more stubbed toes from unlit trips to turn on your lamps; call us today to solve your switch issues.

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