Who Invented Electric Holiday Lights?

Thomas Edison and Edward Johnson (1880 &1882) and Albert Sadacca (1917) invented them.

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the first successful practical light bulb, created the very first strand of electric lights. During the holiday season of 1880, these strands were strung around the outside of his Menlo Park Laboratory. Railroad passengers traveling by the laboratory got their first look at an electrical light display. But it would take almost forty years for electric lights to become the tradition that we all know and love.

Before electric holiday lights, families would use candles to light up their holiday trees. This practice was often dangerous and led to many home fires.  Edward H. Johnson put the very first string of electric holiday tree lights together in 1882. Johnson, Edison’s friend, and partner in the Edison’s Illumination Company hand-wired 80 red, white and blue light bulbs and wound them around his Christmas tree. Not only was the tree illuminated with electricity, but it also revolved.

Some credit President Grover Cleveland with spurring the acceptance of indoor electric Christmas lights. In 1895, President Cleveland requested that the White House family Christmas tree be illuminated by hundreds of multi-colored electric light bulbs.

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