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Protect Your Power with a Home Generator

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Protect Your PowerYou can protect your power supply and not lose it during this storm season.  With a home generator you can be assured that your power will never stop.

Your personal generator will come on automatically whenever the incoming power supply drops.   And, you might not even realize there was a switch over!

However, you might see the darkness at your neighbors’ homes.   Those without generators may see their power may go off completely.  But your appliances will continue to operate normally because you decided to protect your power.

We sell and service the best generators in the industry.   This image shows the appearance of one model of a generator during installation.  They have a nice clean look and can be placed wherever you like.  Such as an out-of-the-way or inconspicuous location.

These generators can run on a variety of fuels, and come in a variety of sizes.  You choose which appliances you want to keep working and we’ll make that happen.   Some people want all circuits to remain operational, but other people only want a few.  That’s up to you!

If you want to consider the options for a home generator to protect your power just contact us.   We’ll be glad to tell you what we recommend for your situation and give you a free estimate.   Thousands of Indiana customers trust us for their electrical needs.  Since 1975 we’ve been taking care of nice people like you.  Let us show you why we are so trusted and respected as a local business.


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