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Dealing with an Outdated Service Panel

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outdated service panelAn outdated service panel can be annoying or it can be dangerous – or both.   Some service panels have caused repeated problems over the years and are well know in our industry.   Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco are examples of them.

Other panels are just too small to meet your needs.  Whether you need more power for new appliances, or you have doubts about the safety of your breaker box — have a professional, licensed electrician check it.

A Common Problem

We recently received this message:  “We just purchased a new home as is, and the inspection uncovered 100 amp service in an outdated panel known to have issues. We would like a quote to install a new panel with 200 amp service.”

This type of request is a common one for us.  Many homes built in the 1950’s and 1960’s had appropriate hardware at the time.  But now, those homes have an outdated service panel that should be checked and upgraded.

Also, if the panel is that old, it’s possible that the original wiring is too small.  Maybe it’s too old to continue carrying power without overheating.   So sometimes we need to replace the wire at the same time to make sure it won’t cause a fire.

The Right Solution

The average homeowner should not be making these decisions.   Safety Checks are serious safety concerns and should be handled by a professional electrician with specialized training and experience.  At Frye Electric, we’ve been doing this since 1975.   We’ve done thousands of safety inspections, seen a lot of damaged electrical systems, and we know what to look for.

Contact us to take a look at your situation and give you a free a quote on the repair work.  We do great work at reasonable prices, and guarantee your satisfaction.   You’ll be glad you contacted Frye Electric about  your outdated service panel.


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