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Power Pole Damage – Who’s Responsible?

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Power pole damage is something that most of us have seen a few times.  It usually happens away from our home.  But, if it happens near your house who is responsible to have it fixed?

We recently received this request.

 “This evening, a car crashed into a IPL pole in front of my residence.  The pole broke in half and the mast was pulled away from the house. I would like the repair completed asap as I have no electricity or heat.”

Power pole damage

This image from Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL) shows the division of responsibility between the utility company and the homeowner.  This is also commonly true for most other utility companies.

The pole and the service line coming from it belong to IPL.  They also own and control the electric meter installed on the house (or business building.)  Everything permanently attached to the home belongs to the homeowner.  This includes the base which holds the meter and the conduit that houses the wiring.  It also includes the weather head and service line anchoring on the roof.

There are different situations that might result in determining who is ultimately responsible to pay for the repairs.  However, the first goal is to keep everyone remain safe and the second is to get it repaired quickly.

In the case of a vehicle knocking over the pole, IPL would be responsible for repairing the pole. However, the homeowner would be responsible for repairing the weatherhead, conduit, and any other damage on the building.   

If the overhead electric service line to your home appears damaged or broken, call IPL at 317.261.8111 immediately.  Don’t touch any of the equipment or limbs touching the equipment, or try to make the repairs yourself.  The utility company can advise you of the repair responsibility and next steps to get your power back on.

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  • Justin Rodriguez says:

    There is a power line pole in the backyard corner that it is broken in half and has a 2×4 board holding it straight but starting to tilt. Who responsibility would it be the since it’s in the back yard the electric company or the homeowner? I really don’t think it’s safe.

    • feiadmin says:

      The large power line poles normally were installed by and belong to the utility company. Contact them about the safety issue.

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