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Ice and Snow Melting

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Snow has already started to fall, and we can be sure that we will get ice and more snow for the next few months – sometimes longer than that.   The snow is wonderful to see, but it can by treacherous for walking and driving, and shoveling it can cause a lot of back pain. For businesses with a lot of foot traffic, this is especially dangerous if customers fall. Homeowners also face the potential cost of damages to roofing or gutters, or even collision damage as cars slide in your driveway.   Snow and ice removal can be expensive whether you buy the equipment to do it yourself, pay someone else to remove it, or just buy salt or chemicals.


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There is another way to deal with it, and you can stay inside by the fire while the snow and ice simply melts away without a build up.    You can add electrical mats or cables where you need them and they will do the work to keep the area clear without any effort from you.   They can be placed in a driveway, on a patio, on steps or stairs, sidewalks, on the roof, or even run inside the gutters.  Any where that snow or ice causes you problems, a melting system can be installed to resolve them.

There are portable products that can be laid on top of an existing porch or stairs, and simply plugged in.  With a switched outlet, you can turn it on during bad weather, then turn it off to save power.   There are also fixed cables or mats which are installed and then covered with a new top layer of material.  There are also a number of control options to make the system operate, including a simple on-off switch, a thermostat, a timer, or a sensor.  The systems come in either 120 or 240 volts and in a variety of common sizes, and they can be customized to match any configuration you want.

If you want get rid of the snow and ice effortlessly this year, give us a call or send an email.   Our experts can explain the options to you and suggest a system that would meet your needs.

Let us help you avoid injuries, accidents and save money in the process.  Think how nice it will be to stay inside and know that your ice and snow problems are melting away without you!


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