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Prevent Electric Shock in Your Home

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Whenever electricity present is, you should take measures to prevent electric shock.   If a body comes in contact with electrical current, an electrical shock can occur.  Shocks can be startling, severe or even fatal.  The severity depends on the strength of the current.  

Measures to Prevent Electric Shock

Make sure all appliances, switches, and plugs are located away from water.   Because water is a great conductor of electricity, shocks are a danger around wet locations.  Do not touch appliances or cords if they are wet or in standing water.  Never plug them into an outlet, or handle electric devices with wet hands.

electrical safety checkupYou should have the older 2-prong outlets replaced with the newer 3-prong outlets. The 3rd prong provides a ground for electric devices.  That solid ground reduces the risk of shock.    Professionally replaced outlets will be installed correctly and are safe to use.

Place plastic safety protectors in unused outlets to protect against electric shock.  The protectors keep smll children and pets from accessing the outlets and prevents shocks.

Avoid plugging too many appliances into one outlet.  When you do that, you can overload the circuit.  Also, don’t use plug adapters or extenders regularly for this same reason.

Use ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) to prevent electric shock.  These devices detect dangerous current levels, and interrupt the circuit if detected.

save electricityInspect the cords and plugs on your electric devices and appliances to make sure they are in good condition. Store devices and their cords properly when not in use to prevent damage.

Repairs and Replacement

Replace frayed or damaged cords or wiring.  The protective coating on cords and wiring allows electricity to be conducted safely. When this exterior coating is damaged, the conducive materials inside are exposed and are dangerous.   Do not touch bare wires.

Turn off power to the area at the fuse or breaker box before repairing damaged cords, wiring, or other electric devices.  Test the device to be sure power is off before handling.

Inform your family about electrical safety, and show how these measures prevent electric shock. If you have curious pets chewing on cords, discipline them until they stop.

If you have any questions about preventing electric shock, please contact us.  Frye Electric can provide information to keep you safe.  We also guarantee reliable installation and repair for your home’s electrical system and other electric devices.

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