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Holiday Lights

No more mess, no more tangles, no more stress!

Get our Effortless Holiday Lighting this year!

We have the newest technology in bright LED holiday lighting that comes in a variety of colors.  Our technicians will wrap columns, highlight architectural features, brighten landscaping, or do whatever you wish to make a perfect custom fit for your home.  We also have LED wreaths and Christmas trees all ready to plug in where you need them.

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Image by Taffy French Photography, LLC

These LED lights are easy on the utility bill, too, so you can keep them on through the darker months and not worry about the cost.  Also, because they don’t use much energy, we can normally install them using an existing circuit with no chance of an overload.  These lights will beautify your home for a magical Christmas season, and all of it with no work on your part.

We get up on the ladders, we climb up on the roof, and at the end of the season we take them down and store them for you.  All you have to do is enjoy them!

Christmas-lights-2“I want to rave about the great service that I have received from Frye Electric! This is the 3rd year that I have had Frye Electric put up the Christmas lights on the exterior of my home. Every time that I have called to have them put up or taken down, it is always VERY prompt service. This year my wreath lights went out, and that very same day Frye’s had someone out to repair the issue. There is no way that we could do these lights ourselves, so I am grateful that there is a company out there who will do it for me! I also greatly appreciate that they store my lights and wreath after they remove them from my home…I am out of storage space!  Thanks Frye’s for making my life easier, while making my home look so great and festive!!”  Jennifer Nattam

Give us a call today or contact us online.  We’ll provide a free estimate so you can see how reasonable is the cost, and then we’ll get to work – so YOU don’t have to!
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Add Outdoor  Lighting to Your Events!

In Spring and Summer – Gardens, Decks or Grounds


We offer a service of installing custom outdoor LED lights for special events at your home.   In the Spring, Summer or Fall we can install lighting for outdoor events, like evening weddings, pool parties or garden receptions. Imagine how much nicer it will be to have removable (or even permanent) outdoor lighting around your house to emphasize its beauty and to make guests feel comfortable.


The LED lights are the newest technology: beautiful LED outdoor lighting that is bright, inexpensive, and easy on your electric bill. The white and green cord we buy comes in 1,000 foot spools with the sockets 1 foot apart. We can cut and tap this for dormers, gabled columns or posts so there is no extra cord and no sockets hanging over. It can be customized to wrap or highlight any feature you wish, and you get to choose the color from a palette of 7 available options. Also, we can install 1,000 feet of these lights on a 15 amp circuit, so a typical home doesn’t require any added circuits.


outdoor lightsThis service is a turnkey job to you: we sell you the lights, install them, take them down at the end, and store them in our warehouse. You can leave them up permanently if you wish, or just have them up for a short time, but either way you have no worries and no hassles. We will do it all for you.

If you are planning a wedding or other outside event in the coming months, and need outdoor lighting, give us a call or contact us on-line for a free estimate. We’d be happy to help make your special occasion even more special with beautiful LED lighting. Our team is committed to prompt, professional workmanship and a continued reputation for excellence.