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Electrical Projects are Not DIY

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Electrical Projects are Not DIYAre you considering an electrical task that’s over your head?   Make sure you thing about it fully before you start.   In general, electrical projects are not DIY (do it yourself.)

We recently received this note from a customer.  “I have two hard wired smoke detectors that I need installed. My wife thought I could install them. Ha.

This man was smart enough to admit that he didn’t have the skills.  It was wiser to call us for help, and we’re glad he did.

It’s better to realize this ahead of time, rather than to realize it during the job.   Especially after you’ve created a bigger problem.

Electric shock can kill you, so you have to respect it’s power.  Also, you must have the right tools and knowledge for preventing an accident.    That is why most electrical projects are Not DIY.  You need those advanced skills, knowledge and equipment to do it right.

If you are considering any kind of electrical repair or installation, do your research.  Find out what all is involved.  Make a critical evaluation of your skills.  Will you have to buy equipment, or get on a ladder?  Think of each step and then decide whether you can do it or not.

If you decide you can’t do it, contact us.   We can handle any electrical issues, from small residential jobs to large commercial work.    Since 1975, Frye Electric has been a trusted local business.  Let us help you.


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