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Backup Generator is Ready to Go

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backup generator neededA backup generator is one of those appliances that give you peace of mind.   That’s because it’s always standing by — ready to jump into action immediately when your power goes out.

Backup Generator Considerations:

  • Power outages aren’t common, but they do happen.  And when they do, it can be inconvenient and might even be costly.   Bad weather, traffic accidents, construction mistakes, and other causes can knock out your power.  You can avoid that if you have a backup generator.
  • Most American households are filled with electrical devices that need power to operate.  And, we seem to be adding more of them all the time.   Refrigerators and freezers, sump pumps, garage door openers, heating and cooling, and medical equipment are important.  They will stop running without power.
  • Businesses and offices may be even more electrically dependent.   If the lights go off in your office, your probably won’t be able to conduct business.  Can you keep your employees working?   Internet access, safety alarms, computers and other important parts of your business will all stop without power.

We Can Help

We sell and service Eaton generators, the best in the business.  Eaton’s standby generator line includes product, performance, and cost saving benefits.  They make backup power easy, affordable and worry-free.

Eaton’s standby generators continually monitor your connection to the local electric utility.  If there is an outage, the system automatically switches to generator power.  When local power is restored it switches back.   You can choose the size you need.  Some people just want to run specific applications, like the HVAC and sump pump.  Other want complete whole-home or small office building power.  It’s up to you.

Start working on your peace of mind.   Give us a call and let us explain the backup generator options available to you.   Select what’s right for your home or office, and then relax.   Whether you are there or away from there, your power will be continuous.

We will deliver it, install it, and make sure it is ready to go!   Relax – everything will keep running from then on.

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