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Get Dependable Power from a Standby Generator

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dependable power standby generatorWe all need dependable power for our homes and businesses, but thousands of people have missed it recently.   Strong winds and heavy rains have caused lots of damage and problems in this area.  IPL alone reported almost 9,000 without power a few days ago, and there were many more around us.

The Costs of Interrupted Power

A tree branch falling on a power line can knock out your electric service for hours, or even days.   That can be expensive for you because of all the appliances that rely on that power.

Sump pumps don’t run without power, and rooms can flood quickly.  Furniture, carpets and walls can be ruined in a very short time as the water level rises.   Computer stoppage can hurt your business results or cause you to close for the day.   Food can’t be heated or cooled using electric appliances.  Lights, heating and air conditioning won’t work properly, which can affect safety as well as comfort.   Also, many people depend on powered medical equipment, so they would be at risk during that time.   Insurance may cover some of your costs, but there could be others that you have to bear.

Dependable Power comes from a Standby Generator

People with standby generators are always feel secure when they hear a storm coming.   They often don’t even realize there is a power outage until they hear it from someone else.    Automatic switching causes the generator to come on and turn off by itself based on the incoming power level.  Even if you aren’t home, the system will run and provide dependable power.  Large businesses know this and have protection.   You should, too.

Storms and power outages will continue in the future.  They happen in all seasons, but you can protect your family from those problems.  Contact us today and we’ll explain all the available options.  We’ll also provide you with an excellent written quote.     Frye Electric has been a trusted local business since 1975.  You can count on us for dependable power.




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