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Stormy Weather and a Standby Generator

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standby generator neededStormy Weather isn’t just an old song title. It is also a good description of Indiana Spring and Summer weather.   Many Americans believe that a standby generator has become a necessity.  This is due to an unreliable national electrical grid and frequent storms.  Sales of generators have been strong, especially in coastal states.

People who have experienced an outage longer than a few hours say they never want that to happen again.   For example, Pulitzer-prize winning author Anna Quindlen had an experience at her home in Pennsylvania.  A tornado knocked out her power for several days.   “I’d had a permanent scare from the tornado and I wanted a permanent solution,” said Quindlen.  “And I got one, and more.”  Now she has a propane-fueled standby generator to protect her home and family and she feels safer.

Another reason for increasing sales is that the constantly increasing demand for electricity in the US.  The government hasn’t been expanding and updating the infrastructure to keep up.   We could experience the same kind of wide area electrical brownouts we see in other states.  Homeowners without a backup system would quickly realize how much they rely on a continuous power supply.

Which is the Best Standby Generator?

At Frye Electric we proudly offer only high quality, reliable generators and transfer switches.  Our electricians are fully trained to recommend the right products, install them and service them.   Our generators  come in several sizes and fuel types so we can match your needs to the equipment.

Don’t wait any longer – call us today!  We can protect your home or office from the difficulty and expense of a power loss.   Think about it and you’ll agree.  A standby generator can protect you against this frequent risk.


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