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Fixing a Weatherhead

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After the recent storms, we received a few customer questions about fixing a weatherhead.   Maybe you don’t recognize the name, but weatherheads exist on many homes and buildings.   You’ve probably seen them many times.

What is a weatherhead?

A weatherhead is sometimes called a weathercap, a service head or a service entrance cap.   This is the top cap in an arrangement of pipe, fittings, brackets, gaskets and wire. Together, they provide protection from rain and rough weather.  Because this is the point where electrical power coming from the overhead cables and telephone lines connect into your home, it is has to be installed correctly.   The weatherhead is designed to prevent water from running down the wires into your service box (breaker box.)  

The weatherhead cap on top of the pipe stops rain from entering the pipe.  The looped wires, called a drip loop, cause drops of water to run down to the bottom of the loop and drip off.  Strong brackets or cables make the assembly strong enough to stand up to heavy winds.   Therefore, we use good sealant around the base to ensure that water won’t leak around it and into the ceiling of the building.

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Fixing a Weatherhead

While it is the responsibility of the homeowner, this is not a task for an untrained homeowner.  This diagram from Indianapolis Power and Light shows the division of responsibilities.

The wires are connected directly to the utility power pole.  This means the level of danger is high if you touch them.  Contact the utility company and a licensed electrician if your weatherhead gets damaged by falling branches, high winds or any other any cause.  A homeowner should not touch the wires or investigate it on his or her own.

Frye Electric INC has been in business for our 40 years, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our work.   Give us a call at 317-271-1099 and let us know what electrical problems you are having.  We’ll be glad to assist you in resolving them.

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