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Remember the Polar Vortex?

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Some weather forecasters are saying the polar vortex may come back again this year, so get ready for the cold to come now!  Get your furnace inspected, the filter changed and if you live in the country, your tank filled.   Cold weather is coming and you need to be ready.

standby generator protect against polar vortexOne of the best ways to protect yourself from another polar vortex is by using a backup generator system.  All central heating systems require power to operate the components.  If the power is out — your family will be cold!

We sell and service Eaton backup generators because of their high quality and excellent operation.   An Eaton system will start automatically whenever the power goes off from your local utility, you don’t have to do anything.    Power loss might happen in the middle of the night when you are asleep, or some evening while you are away from home — but in any case the system will come on by itself automatically.   Since the power it generates feeds into your main service box, all your circuits will receive the electrical current your home needs to keep operating, and to keep your family warm.

Eaton generators are compact and quiet, and they can be placed in an unobtrusive location around your home.   We can install one for you quickly, and we’ll provide periodic maintenance to keep it running perfectly year after year.    An Eaton backup generator will also add value to your home and make it more attractive when you are ready to sell.

Give us a call today to discuss the options available and pricing.  Keep your heating system running all the time, and don’t worry about that polar vortex this year!




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