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Connecting a Portable Generator

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If you have one already or are going to buy one, make sure you understand the correct way of connecting a portable generator to your home.   Failure to make a safe connection could lead to an unexpected visit from the fire department, a costly repair bill, and much unhappiness on the home front.

Methods to Connect a Portable Generator

  • connecting a portable generator 1If you have a small generator (under 5,000 Watts) and only want to run a few items like a sump pump or electric heater, you could use a heavy duty extension cord.   This only works with plugged appliances that can be removed from the wall outlet and plugged into the extension cord.  However, cords are an annoyance to get laid out and plugged in, especially in the dark or during a storm.
  • connecting a portable generator 2If you have a 5,000 Watt or greater generator, we highly recommend you use a transfer switch.   A power transfer system energizes entire circuits instead of appliances. That gives them the ability to power hard-wired appliances – like furnace and oven – that typically don’t have 110 volt plugs so you can’t operate them from an standard extension cord.

We recommend the Eaton 6 circuit (or 10 circuit) transfer switch which we can furnish and install for you.   We can also add a weather proof outlet outside to connect the generator to the transfer switch.  You can even keep it plugged in all the time.  All you have to do then is start the generator and the power will be flowing to the correct circuits.

Connecting a portable generator to your home circuits should only be done by a qualified professional.   We’d be glad to help with this task.  We can make it safe and easy for you to operate your generator when you need it.

We’ve been in business in the Indianapolis area for over 40 years, and we have an excellent reputation.  We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  You can trust us to do the job right, so give us a call today.



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