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Security Lights – Convenient and Safe

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Security Lights for Convenience

security light 1Although outdoor security lights were originally designed and marketed to detect moving intruders while avoiding the expense of full-time illumination, they have become much more than that.   Homeowners and businesses use them all around the building, lighting up sidewalks, driveways, decks, and anywhere someone might walk during the hours of darkness. They provide convenience by turning on and off with no effort at all, and they keep the monthly electric bills down.

Security Lights for Safety

Although they are convenient, security lights still provide a great deal of safety as well. Whether they are lighting the way on a dark or slippery walkway to prevent a fall, or they are illuminating a hiding place for someone (or something) up to no good, they are enhancing safety.   Since trespassers prefer to work in the dark, these lights can motivate evil-doers to stay away from your house.   If desired, they can also be connected to a sound source which will startle some animals, encouraging them to leave.

Easy to Install

Another great feature is that security lights are easy to install, especially if you are just replacing an existing light fixture.  Most “handy” homeowners can do this themselves with a few basic tools.   Just buy a kit for about $20-$50 at any home store, and choose from many styles, colors and options. The kit will include instructions for connecting the color coded wires, but be sure to turn off the breaker first! 

security light 2If you don’t want to work with electricity, or if the light is needed in a location where there isn’t an existing power source, you should seek professional help from a licensed electrician.  All outdoor lighting fixtures and outlets need to be weather resistant and solidly mounted to withstand wind and rain, and both hot and cold temperatures.   We are experts at that type of work and anxious to help you.   No matter how big or small the task, our skilled team provides quality workmanship for your project – give us a call.

Frye Electric Inc is your local Avon, IN electrical contractor, serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for over 35 years.   Our licensed electricians can perform the repairs you need to improve your home safely and eliminate fire hazards.

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  • Thank you for talking about how security lights can provide safety to a home with hard-to-see areas. The new home that my brother just purchased has a very elaborate backyard and walkway, but we’ve noticed that it gets hard to walk around it as soon as the sun goes down. This can be very dangerous for relatives who visit, not to mention the chance that thieves might use it as an entrance, so I’ll definitely look for an electrician that can help my brother install some for that area.

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