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Installing a New Light Fixture

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Two of the most common home improvement tasks are the upgrading of an older light fixture to something more current, and adding a new fixture where none previously existed.   This post is about both of those tasks. 

Replacing an existing fixture in the same location is not a difficult task for a homeowner, and many do it on their own, but remember that working with electricity is dangerous and can be harmful or fatal.   Improper connections could also lead to a fire in the future.   Some homeowners have the skills and choose to do this on their own, but if you are considering it, we suggest you do solid research and be sure of what you are going to do before you attempt it.  There are many good books and online resources that can show you exactly what skills are required. 

 On the other hand, installing a fixture where there is none is much more challenging.  There are several aspects of this type of job.

  •  Wiring will need to be added to the existing electrical system, and that might include adding another breaker in the service box.   This type of work should always be handled by a licensed electrician.
  • The wire has to be the correct size and type for the fixture, and it will have to be run through the wall with minimal disruption to your house.  This is called “snaking” the wire, and it often requires special tools and knowledge of construction framing to do it.
  • At the fixture location, the drywall or paneling will need to be cut to secure the appropriate type of mounting box for that fixture.   If the cut is made precisely, there will be little mess and no painting required; but if it is not, then you’ll have a new problem — patching and repainting the area.  

 Our experienced technicians have installed thousands of fixtures, and know exactly how to do it.   They can add a circuit, snake the wire and cut the openings precisely on the first try.  You won’t have to worry, we’ll do it right, and we’ll stand behind our work.

 Frye Electric Inc. has been your trusted and qualified Central Indiana electrical contractor for over 35 years. Our team is committed to prompt, professional workmanship and a continued reputation for excellence.   You can ask our experts online, or call us at 317-271-1099, and we’ll give you solid advice and a free quote on any project you are considering.  Call us today if you have any questions.

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